Leverage your
Personal Brand

Globally, companies spend millions of dollars on improving the branding and packaging of their products and services, constantly worrying about the image their brand is conveying to their buyers. In the same way, you are an individual brand and are constantly conveying it to your clients, bosses and teams during professional interactions.

This course will provide you with the necessary tool-kit needed to become a member of the elite group of high potential professionals, who rapidly climb the corporate ladder and fast-track their way to promotions. You will learn the advanced principles of business etiquette to help you maximize your potential as you perform at the highest levels. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques for refining your professional presence and present yourself with authority and confidence.


person holding a megaphone
Create a powerful
first impression

In today’s fast-paced world, we are quick to take decisions and pass judgements.

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person holding a megaphone
High-impact business

Use of technology when communicating with stakeholders has emerged as the most powerful tool for building and maintain relationships.

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Five people touching the same spot
Convert contacts to contracts:
Networking for business

Success in the business world depends on relationships.

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Two female and a male smiling
Cross-cultural skills

Air travel has shrunk distances and technology has brought continents closer. Today, we are constantly interacting with professionals across diverse cultures...

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restuarant table
Dining & entertaining for business

From time immemorial, as business relationships have been established and nurtured over a meal, table manners have become an essential...

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person poitioning his tie
Boardroom dressing

The power of the visual is extremely strong and clothes are an integral part of your visual resume.

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Please note: You may attend one or more modules; however, certificates will be given only to those individuals who complete a minimum of four modules.

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